What is a company register?

A company register is a set of documents that is needed by every company to be compliant with the Corporations Act 2001. This set of documents needs to be kept up to date as changes are made to the company, and are kept at either the registered office, or principal place of business.

If you register your company directly with ASIC, you will need to provide the company register yourself. If you perform the registration through an ASIC registered agent like eCompanies, the corporate register is normally included as part of the service.

What documents are contained in a company register?

At registration the minimum documentation required to satisfy the Corporations Act 2001 is:

You are required to update these documents as changes are made.

eCompanies provides the following compliant document pack tailored from your answers so there is nothing to fill out other than signing in the relevant places.

All documents are emailed in PDF format and provided as standard with any company registration performed through eCompanies. Microsoft Word versions of the company register documents can also be downloaded from our client area at any time.

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