The eCompanies company ABN registration service is unique in that it is available 24x7.

If you choose for eCompanies to register your company ABN as part of your application then your ABN will generally be issued on the spot within 15 minutes of the company being registered. This is assuming that:

  • All the information provided is correct and matches ATO records.
  • The ATO systems are available and running normally. (The ATO can be unreliable)

However a small percentage (5%) of orders get flagged by the ATO for further checks which can take up to 28 days to perform. Common reasons for an application being held for further checks include, but are not limited to:

  • A similar or identical existing business name on the ABR register.
  • One of the associates has had their TFN hibernated, this could be due to not having lodged a tax return for previous years.
  • If a shareholder of the new company does not have a tax file number.
  • An identical deregistered company that has the same associates as the new company.

In the event that an application is held for further checks then eCompanies will liaise with the ATO to attempt to have ABN issued early.

Please note the information here is a guide, eCompanies cannot guarantee delivery of an ABN within a certain timeframe.

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