eCompanies BGL Corporate Affairs System (CAS) integration

Posted by , November 24th, 2014

eCompanies now has the convenient feature of exporting company information for import into your corporate register software. This saves a considerable amount of time when you want to use software like BGL’s Corporate Affairs System (CAS). The export feature is available for any company registered through us, and contains the information used to register the company. Please note if you have made changes to your company through ASIC, that they will not be present in the download.

To use it you just need to log in to the eCompanies client area and click on the Companies tab, you then click on the ‘CAS’ link in the downloads column next to the relevant company. This will download a ZIP file containing your company information which can be immediately imported into CAS, you can find instructions on how to do the upload into CAS on BGL’s website.

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