If you have an existing registered business name and are changing from a sole trader or other type of business, then you have two options:

  1. Use the same name for the company's legal name during registration.
  2. Register the company with a different name and then transfer the business name to the company. The transfer is done after the company is registered and has its own ABN. Once transferred the company can then trade as the business name.

If you want the company name to be identical to the existing registered business name then you need to:

  1. Answer Yes to the question on the first page of our application regarding identical business names and supply the business name registration details.
  2. Ensure that all the owners of the business name are listed as either directors or shareholders of the new company. If the business name's current owner is a company then that company will have to be a shareholder in the new company.

To transfer a business name to your new company you will need its ASIC Key. If you have that then you can transfer the business name through the asic.gov.au website.

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