eCompanies offers an API (Application Programming Interface) for clients with Pro Accounts. An API offered by a website is also commonly known as a Web Service. The eCompanies API allows clients to offer a company registration service on their own website, and seamlessly integrate with our service to perform the registration. This means you don't need to implement ASIC's EDGE/ECR protocol yourself, and you can also take advantage of our document generation, saving months of work and money!

Is this a whitelabel solution?

No its not. A whitelabel offering is an 'out of the box' solution featuring a complete website that you can rebrand to look like your own. An API allows a programmer to hook your website into our service to lodge companies with ASIC and receive the ACN and documentation back. You still need to develop your own order process and checkout for your own website, we provide the link to ASIC to register a company and generate all the required documentation.

How does it work then?

Any client wishing to integrate with the eCompanies API would have their own order form on their own website. The order flow lifecycle would look like:

  1. Client goes to your website and places an order through your order form.
  2. You take payment of your fee from the client through your own payment facility.
  3. Your website then lodges the company order through our API. We charge our fee to your credit card that we keep on file.
  4. Once the company is registered, your website can download the certificate and documents through the API.
  5. Your website notifies the client that the order is finished and provides them with the certificate, documentation and your invoice.
  6. You pocket the difference between our fee and your fee.

What does it cost?

It costs the same as registering a company through our website. There are no signup fees or annual fees to use our service. Just pay for the companies you register. No other billing models are available.

This sounds like what I want!

Remember you will need a developer to integrate with our API, you will need your own order form and payment facility as well as managing the order lifecycle. The API is exposed using SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), a language independent protocol so it doesn't matter whether you use PHP, Perl, Java, .Net, or any other platform for your website.

The following methods are provided (WARNING The following is technical!):

Depending on your development language we can provide code samples to demonstrate usage of the API.

How do I sign up?

To be eligible to use the API you will need to be an ASIC registered Agent. Also note, that while we can answer questions and debug on our side, eCompanies does not offer consulting or development services for customers wishing to use our API.

To enquire please contact us Include your business name and ABN as well as your ASIC agent number with your enquiry.