The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is the governing body for setting up a company in Australia.

How To Register With ASIC

ASIC accepts company formation applications directly by lodging a paper form in person at an ASIC office or in the post. ASIC will then provide you with an ACN (Australian Company Number) and a certificate of registration. They do not provide the necessary corporate register documents to be compliant with the Corporations Act 2001, you will need to do this yourself.

ASIC also accepts company registrations through ASIC registered agents. (CNCNA PTY LTD) is an ASIC registered agent, number 26944. In addition we are also an accredited software provider which means we have written our own software that is allowed to communicate with ASIC via EDGE.

ASIC Registration Fee

ASIC charge $506 to register a PTY LTD company. This fee is GST free and is applicable whether you register a company directly with ASIC or go through a registered agent. Each year on the anniversary date of a company's registration the company is required to pay an annual review fee to keep the company registered. The fee at time of writing is $230 for a standard Pty Ltd company and $43 for a special purpose Pty Ltd company.

If you use a registered agent to register your company they will charge a service fee on top of the ASIC fee. The eCompanies service fee is $34 which includes GST.

ASIC Forms

ASIC provides a number of forms for the formation and compliance of companies. The common ones are:

ASIC provides an online portal to registered agents and company officers for the lodgement of all forms except 201 and 410. In person lodgement at the nearest ASIC office is also accepted as well as lodging via the post.

If you register a company using eCompanies you are lodging a Form 201.

ASIC Registration Faqs

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