ABN Registration is an optional extra, it is not included in our standard fee of $509. As a registered tax agent eCompanies can register your ABN and TFN with the ATO, along with PAYG and GST registration for an optional $50 on top of our standard fees. The option of registering your ABN etc through eCompanies is selected during the company registration process. You can also opt to register an ABN later if you want. If you use eCompanies you get:

  • Convenience - No need to go and fill out another long form with the ATO
  • Accuracy - Minimise mistakes by entering and checking your information once.
  • Managed Application - If the ATO cannot verify the information you provide during registration, your application may be held for up to 28 days before resolution. Using eCompanies means we liaise with the ATO to minimise any potential delays.

If you do not want to use eCompanies to register your ABN you can apply directly with the ATO at the Australian Business Register website. You can also register for GST and obtain a tax file number for your new company at the same time. The ABR service is online and free but you lose the advantages above.

You will need to register a company here to get your ACN (Australian Company Number) first before you can apply.


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