Joint ownership of shares is typically only needed if an applicant wants shares held for the benefit of a trust that has joint trustees. In that case all the trustees of the trust have to be listed as the joint owners of a share bundle.

Joint ownership is disabled for standard accounts as the option confuses people who will incorrectly choose it when they really want individual holdings. To enable joint ownership you will either have to change your account to a pro account or get an eCompanies staff member to assist. Setting up a pro account is easily done and doesn't cost anything. To do so:

  • Save your current order by clicking on the Save Progress in the top right and creating your account if necessary
  • Visit the Pro account signup page and fill in the form
  • Then click on the Client Area page
  • Reload your order by clicking on the edit link

You will now be able to choose multiple owners of a bundle of shares by ticking more than one box.


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