Please note this section only applies to companies that have been registered. If your application was rejected you may edit your order through eCompanies and resubmit it.

Once registered all dealings are done directly with ASIC. ASIC provides a number of forms for the ongoing compliance of registered companies which are listed here. Forms can be lodged over the counter at your nearest ASIC office, by posting the completed form to ASIC, or by lodging online.

To lodge online you will need your corporate key. This is sent to your registered office by ASIC upon registration. When you have this key you can register for online access with ASIC to lodge forms.

Types of mistake include:

  • Incorrect Company Name
    Even if its just a typing mistake you will need to lodge a form 205a which ASIC currently charges <0395> to lodge.
  • Incorrect personal details
    For example you entered someone's birthday incorrectly. In this case you can most likely lodge a form 492.
  • Missing director/shareholder etc
    For example you incorrectly added or missed a director or incorrectly allocated shares. You will most likely need to lodge a form 484.

Once you have confirmation from ASIC that a form 492 has been lodged you can let us know and we can reissue your documentation if needed.


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