Our payment system is unique to the company registration world. When you submit your application we do a preauthorisation for $546 on your card. A preauthorisation checks that the amount is available on your card and reserves the amount without taking the money. When your company registration is accepted we then complete the transaction and take the money from your card.

If the company is rejected and you do not wish to proceed with the registration, the preauthorisation will expire in 3 - 6 days, depending on your financial institution making the money available to you again. You can be confident you get what you pay for. Other companies take your money upfront before your company is registered and then make you jump through hoops to obtain a refund if you no longer want the company.

If the company is registered it will only be possible to refund the service fee of $34 under exceptional circumstances. The $512 ASIC fee is not recoverable.

Refunds are given at our discretion and must be applied for via email stating the full reasons for the refund.


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