Company Name

You should first check that your name is available using the 'check name' button to the right of the form field.

A company name may not contain certain reserved words, eg ANZAC or BANK without special consent from the relevant body. Offensive words are also disallowed. You can see the list of restrictions in this document

Words not found in the Macquarie dictionary are allowed but it may mean that your order is flagged for manual approval. Manual approvals take place during standard business hours.

If you do not wish to choose a name, select use ACN and ASIC will use the ACN allocated to the company upon registration as the name along with the selected legal elements.

eg ACN 123 123 123 PTY LTD.

Company Legal Elements

All options presented in the dropdown box are legally equivalent. The selected legal elements will appear on the end of your chosen company name.


Special Purpose Company

A company may have a nominated special purpose with ASIC which entitles it to a much lower annual fee. If any of the listed special purposes sound like your company and you are unsure what to do please read ASIC's special purpose companies page.

Most companies won't have a special purpose.

Company Name Reservation

If you have reserved your proposed name using a Form 410 you are required to enter the details with your company registration.

Name reservations are fairly uncommon and aren't a requirement for registration. The company name reservation
process incurs a $55 ASIC fee and reserves a name for two months.

Identical Business Names

If your proposed company name is identical to a registered business name you must supply the details with your company registration.

If you are unsure you can check identical names by searching the business name index.

To find your ABN or state business number required to complete this section, perform a search of the business name index

If you are not the owner of the state business name(s) then you are not allowed to register a company with this name.