Offices Held


Company directors are responsible for managing the company and its affairs, ensuring, along with any appointed company secretaries, that the company complies with the corporation's act 2001.

Proprietary companies are required to have at least one director. It is also a requirement that at least one of the directors must reside in Australia.


Company secretaries are responsible for various 'housekeeping' duties in relation to the company. These duties include notifying ASIC of changes to the location of the company's registered office, notifying ASIC of any changes in the details of the company(s) secretaries and directors as well as lodging the company's annual return.

Proprietary companies are not required to have a secretary but if one or more secretaries are appointed at least one must reside in Australia.

Requirements for a director or secretary are:

Former Names

Company Officers are required to inform ASIC of any former names with the company registration. A former name could be a maiden name from before marriage or a name changed by deed poll.

Company Officer Residential Address

The address supplied MUST be the residential address of the company office holder, PO Boxes and Locked Bag addresses are not allowed.

Australian addresses are validated against Australia Post's list of addresses upon registration, invalid addresses and commercially zoned addresses will be rejected.