The eCompanies email hosting service allows you to use either POP or IMAP in your mail client

What is POP?

Connecting your mail client via POP (Post office Protocol) means it will download a copy of emails from the server and keep them on your local storage. This allows you to view emails on your computer/device while not connected to the internet, as all the files have been downloaded.

Most mail clients will typically delete email on the server after downloading to save space. If you have only check mail from one computer POP can be a good way to go

What is IMAP?

Connecting via IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) means you do everything on the mail server. When you delete/send/move emails via IMAP it is all happening on the email server. This means if you use several devices to check email, and they're all connected via IMAP, then they will all see the same thing. The drawback is that it can be slow and it will use up space on the server, meaning you might run out of space.

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