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We were so impressed by how easy (and inexpensive) you made the company registration process, thank you. We were guided, step by step through everything which saw us with our company registered in less time than it takes to drink a pot of tea! I've already recommended your service to others and will continue to do so.

Corinne Smith, The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar

I was extremely impressed by the hasty turnaround time given by eCompanies. The forms were easy to fill out, so it only took me about 10 minutes. After I submitted my application, I received a confirmation e-mail, and within 3 MINUTES I had my ACN & Certificate. Well Done!

Taylor Nelson, TN iSolutions Pty. Ltd.

The absolute easiest way to register a company, it took less than 30 minutes to complete the whole process from start to holding our Certificate of Registration.

, Daedalus Aviation Pty Ltd

Thank you very much for your excellent service. You have enabled me to register an Australian company while i am negotiating in China!

Tim, Blackland Corporation Pty. Ltd.

I used eCompanies to form my company City Property Australia Pty. Ltd. After looking at other providers or similar services I was really impressed with the low cost and the easy to use application process. After my application my company was formed is less than 24 hours with full documentation and ready to run. Thank so much for the fantastic and helpful service eCompanies - I will be sure to use and recommend you to others in the future!

Adrian, City Property Australia Pty. Ltd.

Just had the best experience online ever. Needed to register our company for and after some research we came across eCompanies. Their support team is awesome, answered all of our questions. We just spent 5 minutes on their site filling out a easy form, submitted & paid the fee of which they only charge $50 inc GST and the ASIC Confirmation came back Approved in under 1.5 minutes !!! It's just unbelievable that my accountant was going to charge us just over $1000 for the same thing. The best $476 we have ever spent Online ... EVER. Thank you eCompanies and especially Daniel who was most helpful. I would recommend eCompanies to anyone who wants to register their own Company. Well done guys, LOVE YOUR WORK.


I have recently had occasion to register a company and used the services of ecompanies. I found the process easy to use and extremely prompt. I had need for a clarification on another matter which also was solved almost immediately. Finally someone who realises the power of service.

Richard Eves, Morrison Black Pty Ltd

Thank you eCompanies for your easy, quick and price-competitive service to register my company. Your web-site also provided good answers to a wide range of FAQ's about the setup and ongoing obligations for companies. I am happy to recommend your services.

Colin Rijke, theITdirector Pty Ltd

This has been the shortest, easiest and most pain-free company registration I've ever done, and the most economical and most intelligent. I'm still stunned by the quick turnaround. Less than 35 minutes from start to finish (including approval and receipt of all documents) still has my head spinning.

John Counsel, SpendSmarter Network Pty Ltd

I was scratching my head trying to understand the the application form ASIC has supplied me when I stumbled upon ecompanies. Not only was my company registered in a couple of minutes, but it saved me having to arrange a time to go and lodge the company application form at the register office.

Cannot believe how simple and easy it was! Thank you so much, no stress and no fuss!


I have just registered my new company 'Wirlit' through your website and have been delighted with the result. It was easy, painless and cheap. This is much quicker than the paper form, and I received confirmation within half an hour that my company was up and running. After looking at other companies who charge three times the price , for exactly the same job, I highly recommend ecompanies..


My thanks go to eCompanies, the process of registering my new company was fast, easy to follow and because it offered several opportunities to review and edit my information, was trouble free. My approval came within 2 minutes of lodging my application, needless to say, I am very impressed with this service.

Trish Findlay, Findlay Co Pty Ltd

Very good service, no problems! Made it all too easy setting up my first company.


Thank you for a great product it took me 20 minutes to finalise the set up of my new company thanks to the eCompanies eportal.

Cliff Strahan, C4M Construction PL

Thanks for helping out in setting up my Company. The best and the most affordable way of setting up a company. I'll definitely recommend your services to everyone.


Thanks ecompanies that was so quick..I'm up and running in a matter of minutes!! Awesome!


Must be in line for some sort of record here ; less than three minutes after submission our new company ( Outback Road Pty Ltd ) was up and running with ACN and all docs.

Ken Graham, Outback Road Pty Ltd

Thank you for a brilliant service. Once I made the decision to register my company, you made it so easy and straight forward. Having the additional service of creating a domain was brilliant. There is so much to think about when setting up a business. Your service just made one very important step such an easy one to complete. I am grateful.


I would like to say a big thank you to eCompanies for making the process of setting up a new company so easy. The web site is very intuitive, easy to understand and has plenty of explanations to guide you through the process. The whole thing was very fast and I received the ACN and documents almost immediately. I highly recommend the service - much easier than my previous dealings with accountants and lawyers!

Andrew, Onesie Store

Ecompanies made registering my company and domain name incredibly easy. Nothing was ever too much trouble and their response times were simply amazing. I will definately use them again in the future. I couldn't recommend them highly enough! Thanks again for all of your help.

Neil Blake, Sydney Bathroom Repairs Pty Ltd

The company registration process at eCompanies is incredibly fast and simple. As an online business, we know it takes a lot of work to makesomething this easy. Thanks for saving us time and money so we canconcentrate on building our business.

Matt Travers, ServiceRage

So simple, so easy, so quick.

Ian T Pescod, he Affordable Caterer Pty Ltd.

Brilliant Service


Just wanted to say what a lovely user experience your website provides. Far superior to your competitors, great job.


If you are wanting a smooth company registration process, use eCompanies. I've registered a total of 3 brand new companies using their online company registration process and it's been such a good, quick and easy process. Awesome!

Dean, Mr Telco

I just registered my new company with eCompanies. Fantastic service, super easy to fill in documents, took under two minutes from payment to receipt of company registration certificate and necessary company documents.Brilliant !!

Clive Lochner, Carbon Neutral Footprint . Info Pty. Ltd.

Great Super Fast Service! Your help icons were very useful and answered all my questions.

Christian, The Allergy Shop

I would just like to compliment you on an excellent service, very simple and almost instant lodgement for documentation. Brilliant... I would recommend this service for anyone wanting to register a new company.

Director, Blubox Retail Design

Your online registration software just allowed me to complete the forms in under 5 minutes, including emails of pdf's of registered forms etc.I cannot believe I put this chore off and wasted money really by missing out on company tax benefits. No Chore, it was easy!

Well done on a terrific resourceful user friendly tool. Thanks again, I will be recommending your website every chance I get.

Glen, Constant Safety PTY.LTD

Thank you for helping me to register my company. I would recommend you to anyone wanting to quickly and easily register a new company.

Sue Franklin, Butterflies Child Care Centre

Your service was easy and rapid and inexpensive. I'd happily recommend it to anyone setting up a company.

Philip Ragan, Chargan My Book Publisher Pty. Ltd

Thanks for the prompt and professional service. Dealing with eCompanies has been a pleasure. Any enquiries I had were dealt with very quickly and thoroughly. I would recommend eCompanies to anyone contemplating establishing a company.

Dean, Josamy Energy Services PTY. LTD.

I write to thank you for the fantastic service and reliable and stable web services. I am a system integrator and I was blown away by the speed of the web service and ease of use. Once again thankyou, you should be proud of the system and service you have.


Working on Subscription Living ( as a side project I didn't want to go trough an accountant where I'd be charged with hefty fees for the simple task of setting up a company; which I had done 18 prior for my day to day job ( I registered the company through on a Saturday and had notice within minutes that ASIC had flagged the application for review, however within 24 hrs had notification that the company creation was successful and this was on a Sunday! The Company Documentation which I received from was better than than what I had received from an accountant; and had templates already created to undertake simple company administration such as redistribution of shares, change in details of the directors & secretary. Next time I wouldn't think twice about using when creating a company; however using an accountant to create a company I'd think twice!

Ewan Carson, Subscription Living Pty Ltd

We needed to set up a company in a hurry so we could present our technology to some major European automobile and Formula 1 design houses. We visited eCompanies and within 20 minutes, the company was registered and ready to use. All of the appropriate documents were also emailed back within that time. A very simple and efficient registration process and I would recommend it to anyone.

Michael Urch,

I'm impressed how well structured and with no-frills the registration of my company was possible. If I have the opportunity, I'll recommend your services

Miklos Simon Varga, Vertec Rail Pty. Ltd.

Excellent service, rapid, good documentation, a value service-thank you very much!

Michael Primero, FILMTEK PTY. LTD.

I appreciate your follow up and assistance and the rego has gone thru. What a great service!


I really appreciate your prompt follow up in resolving this issue for me and can confirm that we will refer our friends and colleagues to your service.

Chris Lillie,

My first time registering a business in Australia and found the whole process very simple to use through the eCompanies website for a very reasonable fee. Received my ACN within an hour of application.

Andrew, Dealmob Pty. Ltd.

I recently had to create a company, 2 Creators Pty Ltd - how easy is ecompanies! You certainly take out the stress & confusion with how you have set up your website. Thank you so much ecompanies!

Cilla Lee-Leong, Integrity Counts Pty Ltd

Used the service today and just wanted to say it's the fastest, best looking, and cheapest compared to the others I've used! Thanks!


Once again thank you for your extremely prompt reply & your knowledgable assistance. Great start to our company to have help like you've supplied.


I can't believe I have just set up an Australian registered company with ASIC and received the ACN number in less than 30 minutes all up. I needed a company for setting up my Self Managed Superannuation Fund and Ecompanies made the process extremely easy and cost effective. I will definitely be recommending your services to my friends. Thank you very much for making my day!

Jegan Puranachandran, BALI PTY. LTD.

Hi there, i just want to thank you guys for a truly excellent service and very quick with no hassles thanks again.


eCompanies was a pleasure to use!


Couldn't believe how easy it was. It saved me money and time thanks.

Cameron Begg, CO SAFE PTY. LTD.

Was great to do business with you. Quick, professional and easy steps to follow.


I have to tell you something, I am recommending eCompanies to all of my network. No wonder you guys have such great testimonials. Let me know if you need another one!