The eCompanies website

eCompanies was born out of our own company registration experience. After deciding not to use an accountant, we searched the internet on how to register a company. Without exception what we found were poor websites with frustrating, convoluted registration processes. When combined with a high price premium above the ASIC fee of $512, we thought there had to be a better way. When we couldn't find it we decided to do it ourselves.

When we started out we decided our goal was to provide a focused premium service, akin to using an Apple product. An experience where things are intuitive and just work, but without the premium price tag.

We've spent countless hours user testing our website to deliver that intuitiveness and reliability so that ANYONE can register a company with no fuss. Our clients agree!

The company

eCompanies was created by CNCNA PTY. LTD (ABN 63 129 795 339), a company formed by seasoned IT professionals. Each founder has over 15 years industry experience, designing and building large mission critical applications for industries as diverse as ISP's (Internet Service Providers), to some of Australia's largest insurers. We're using this experience to create simple, cutting edge solutions for ourselves and our clients.


At the heart of eCompanies lies proprietary software that talks to ASIC using the EDGE protocol.

We're not the only people with software that talks to ASIC via EDGE but ours is the most advanced software available. Currently accredited for the electronic company registration component of EDGE, the eCompanies software can easily be extended to support all EDGE forms. It is even suitable for the datastream api for ASIC data brokers.

The Future

We are committed to ensuring eCompanies stays the best company registration service on the web. We are also in the process of developing a suite of services to enable you and your company to do business online cheaper and more efficiently.