ASIC Registered Agent (CNCNA PTY LTD) is an ASIC registered agent, number 26944. In addition we are also an accredited software provider which means we have written our own software that is allowed to communicate with ASIC via EDGE.

What is an ASIC registered agent?

A registered agent is a person or company that is authorised to lodge company related documents with ASIC on behalf of a third party. The agent acts as an intermediary and usually helps a company meet their lodgement obligations under the Corporations Act 2001. A registered agent can lodge the paper forms with ASIC or make use of ASIC’s electronic lodgement system EDGE. By using EDGE an agent can lodge company registration applications 24/7 and have the ACN and certificate in minutes.

Why use a registered agent?

Registered agents often handle a large number of companies so they are familiar with the requirements of the Corporations Act. Since registered agents have access to EDGE they can also take company formation orders online 24/7. If you use a registered agent to register a company they will usually provide all the documentation required to be compliant with the Corporations Act 2001. This documentation is referred to as a company or corporate register

ASIC Registration FAQs

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